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Is a company created in 1994 by M. Gudayol (until 1993 Delegate Ese.SA, instrumental Natural Gas Company and other activities that have the facility of groups termofrigorífica cogeneration and thermal, cogeneration, gas absorption chillers, gasificacions populations .. ..) and DenaGas (partner company Repsol Butano consultant).

DenerGy, designed and developed cogeneration equipment in Propane Gas by Repsol. Among the equipment developed are: thermoelectric cogeneration Gas to the countryside, increased efficiency in small generations batteries, cogeneration termofrigorífica temperature to slaughterhouses and cogeneration termofrigorífica low temperature for cold storage.


After more than 15 years, currently has DenerGy Classification interviews with D letter issued by the Advisory Board of the Government of Catalonia, engineers physical presence in major centers for the Organization and Management of Maintenance, has created solutions like the D -Rex, D-Lux, D-Ignis, Yoctobit ... IT enterprise systems engineers, R & D for energy efficiency and savings ...everything to make quality a habit and a frame of reference at work, looking for principles to be followed to perform customer service. These systems work can provide the vision that is about the most important aspect of the service, the customer. Always positive, dynamic and open as the temporary, immediate and variable services with the philosophy of "whole problem has a solution" if it is based on technical and ethical basis.


DenerGy annually engages more than 25% of Prevent R+I+D+C.

Certificacions and quality


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  • The degree of increase of the temperature set point in heating operation is between 5 and 7% increase in energy consumption coves faction.

  • The increase in each level under operating mode cooling increases between 8 and 10% in energy consumption for cooling.